Christian Hip hip veteran R-Swift changes his name to Swift as part of a new era in his career and a fresh start. Also as part of the fresh start Swift signs with Xist Music. Xist Music is home to Jahaziel, Sean Simmonds and Gemstones. “Glad to have him on board” says T. Black. Swift will look to begin on a new project immediately with a release later this year.

Swift, a native New Yorker, now resides in Atlanta, GA is an avid poet and lyricist. Although he began rapping when he was 11 years old and wanted to do things his own way, God inspired him to start his ministry at the age of 17 in 1998. Initially, he only rapped around his friends and in church until the lord saw it fit to move Swift’s ministry beyond the four walls of the church.

Through lyrical evangelism, teaching and preaching, he is fulfilling the vision that God has given him – to tell the untold and reach the un-reached. To rebuild ancient ruins, to raise up age old foundations, to be a repairer of broken walls, and restorer of the streets; in accordance to Isaiah 58:12.

ABOUT XIST MUSIC: Xist Music is a division of Xist Worldwide, founded by Terverius Black and Sean Simmonds, established to become the leading inspirational entertainment, lifestyle and media company, with properties in music, film, publishing, media and inspirational urban lifestyle. Xist Worldwide engages in the business of acquiring, producing, marketing and distributing inspirational urban content and products and the delivery of inspirational urban media.